UK Start-Up Club


What is UK Start-up Club?

UK Start-up Club is a Facebook group I created this month (June 2017) to provide an online network for Start-up and established entrepreneurs. I have also started a blog that updates frequently with ongoing opportunities, events and start-up tips.

The Missing Piece 

I studied a Master of Enterprise at university and absolutely loved being around likeminded people particularly Paul Delamere (Founder of Shindigger Brewing Company, a craft beer) and Jason Archie (a now PHD student studying responsible business) who continue to inspire me to this day. Also being able to go to entrepreneur events and listen to established entrepreneurs, talk to them and learn their simple life hacks that solve a whole host of issues and would have taken me years to realise.
I miss that community and being able to actually interact with entrepreneurs. It's great to follow pages and read articles but nothing beats being able to communicate with someone actually in the field. Meeting up can be so hard when you work 24/7 so I decided to create this FB Group.

The Purpose of UK Start-up Club

The aim of it is to bring together aspiring, start-up and established entrepreneurs where we can:

1. Share articles, knowledge and events
2. Ask each other questions and advice.
3. Search for recommendations and network
4. Exchange skills
5. Post opportunities, business competitions etc that can raise business profiles and generate PR

For anyone not in business or trying to start one. It is an opportunity to support up and coming businesses by asking for recommendations in the group and entrepreneurs can comment on your post and message you.
There is strictly NO ADVERTISING allowed in the group, only responses to requests for recommendations.
It is important for everyone to have a community. The journey being an entrepreneur can be so lonely, I hope we can all support each other in our quest. Please click the link above and join! 

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