The Aim Sky High Company

What We Do

The Aim Sky High Company is my baby and my absolute passion. Essentially, it was a decision to pursue what makes me happy, very much so an organically grown business, something I feel I fell into.

It is a dance organisation providing dance tuition to children and young people aged 2-18 years old. We also deliver in schools and on behalf of other provision providers. We focus primarily on street dance but we are currently building our ballet, tap and modern side of things. 


We currently deliver 50 hours of out of school dance, drama and singing tuition a week and 16 school curriculum and extra-curricular after school sessions per week. I employ 9 freelance teachers to do this and we currently stand at over 100 students. The company is my full-time job so I am lucky enough to have the flexibility I want being a mum. It is also great having a business that works with children as when my son comes to work he loves playing with the other children and enjoys the trips as all the children look after him so well. He talks and socialises very well, I personally believe that this is because he has been around my business from 3 days old. The picture above is of 8 year old Zara, one of his favourite people ever, I think he actually thinks they are similar ages! Lol!

What Makes Us a Social Enterprise

Accessibility to the arts is extremely important to me and I therefore endeavour to ensure that we break as many barriers as possible to ensure that we make this happen. We do this by:
  • Trying to encourage social economic mobility teaching aspiration through dance and putting on a business and entrepreneurship club on saturday mornings to teach young people how to make and manage money
  • Doing select voluntary performances for charity events across the UK
  • Offering fully funded sessions where possible
  • Purposefully  situating many of our classes in underprivileged and deprived areas in order to increase accessibility to the arts 
  • Creating a pathway to employment by offering vocational qualifications to young people free of charge

A Few of our Achievements:

11 ASH Dancers dancing for Justin Bieber on his UK Purpose Tour

8 ASH Dancers in Lady Leshurr's 'J.U.I.C.E' Video

Hotel Football (Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs's Hotel) Match Day Entertainment


Manchester City Match Day Entertainment 


'An Evening with Anthony Joshua' Opening Act Performance


What Inspired Me to Start The Aim Sky High Company

I started dancing aged 13 after getting the yellow pages out (the physical copy can you believe it) and finding a dance school in the city centre. I did enjoy learning but typical me, I felt I wanted to start my own dance group too so I started teaching two friends, Naomie and Hinnd, in a local youth centre. We created the choreography together and performed frequently in our local community. By time I was 16 I was teaching 23 girls and was working as a self-employed dance teacher. Age 17, I made a group of children aged 9-12 years old called 'Ice Cold' and took them to UK Hip Hop Championships where they came 2nd and qualified to represent their country and World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas. We managed to get there, I fundraised £5000 and my mum supported me in taking them. We had the most amazing time and I decided I loved doing it! So I decided to keep on doing what makes me happy.

I met my university tutor in my second year that eventually encouraged me to do my masters degree. He introduced me to the concept of social enterprise and I started The Aim Sky High Company on completion of my masters in October 2013.

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