About Me


My name is Christina Taylor and I am a mum to two beautiful children: Zayan aged 2 and Xena who is 2 months old. I created this blog to write about the struggle juggling being a mum to two young children and running a business that I aspire to grow.

I have always been interested in business from a young age, selling raffle tickets to my local community aged 8, buying and selling on Ebay aged 11, selling CDs in school aged 13... and the list goes on.

I studied business at GCSE, A Level, degree and then done a research Master of Enterprise. I love business, particularly social enterprise and I am very interested in CSR. I aim to build businesses that help people and create social good. My research dissertation was on the barriers and enablers to transition voluntary and community organisations into successful social enterprises. The work was then used in Michelle Mone's "Be the boss" government advisory report. I then created my own social enterprise. I have won numerous awards for my work:

Barclays School for Start-Ups - Winner - 2013

Lenovo Social Impact Award - 2014

Social Enterprise UK - Inspiring Youth Award - 2015

Duke of York Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016

School for Social Enterprise Scale-Up Programme Fellow 2016

As great as all this experience and all these awards seems, I often find myself with 'start-up block' I don't know if this is a term but I've made it one! As a choreographer I often get a 'creative block' where I struggle to produce good work due to lack of inspiration and feeling the need to train more. I often feel the same being an entrepreneur.

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