I have no idea how many people will read this or who it will get seen by but I am already feeling a sense of relief! I have been wanting to start a blog for a long time! So now rather than scroll through my phone for 'Entrepreneur' or 'Fortune' magazine articles looking for answers to my creative start-up block or scanning in the comments section on Facebook hoping for a comment that helps me feel like there is someone else out there that relates to how I feel, I feel that starting this and having people interested shows that others can relate.

I have decided to start this blog for numerous reasons.

1. The isolating feeling of being a mumpreneur 

I am 25 years old with two children now, a 2 year 10 month old boy and a 6 week old beautiful baby girl! I have always been interested in business from being a child, always trying to sell bits and bobs here and there, followed it through in education from GCSE through to Masters level and started my own business but I always feel like I am in need of a community or just someone who understands what the rollercoaster of what being a start-up entrepreneur feels like. It's even harder now I am a mum!

You see most of my friends are at that stage they are starting to settle into a career, they are on good wages and have minimal responsibilities and no children so can do as they please and have disposal income and savings to be able to have fun!  I, on the other hand, run a start-up business with two children, a mortgage and a car. YES. Totally different! As if being a mum to young children isn't isolating enough try being a young mum to two children and a start-up entrepreneur!

2. The longing to be part of an entrepreneurial community 

Sometimes all I want to do is talk about how business is doing, new marketing techniques, how to build a multi-million pound business, how much financial freedom would mean to me, the devastating feeling of when something goes wrong and you loose money you haven't got to loose, the amazing feeling when you pull something off you have wanted to for a long time...

I'm guessing you get the picture!

3. The social media success of successful entrepreneurs online vs entrepreneurs on the grind

I get that it is fairly obvious that the more popular you get on social media the more likely a person is to earn more, hence their day to day struggle reduces. HOWEVER. As inspiring as it is to see famous, 'made-it' celebrity entrepreneurs sometimes it can get disheartening when it feels like your journey is taking forever and there is no one to look to or communicate with that is in a similar position. I find it more inspiring more often than not to see a regular person from around the way making a good living from their business and fighting to make it work as opposed to a multi-millionaire person on social media I have no personal connection with.

4. The lack of mumpreneur role models

I am totally sure there are so so SO many successful inspiring mumpreneurs, but for some reason I don't see many publicised. Also, I want the real stories! I want to know how someone coped when their 2-year had an awful day of tantrums and your tired from a night of awful sleep the day before but you still have to get on with things. I want to know how a mum managed when their toddler wet themselves in traffic on the way to their meeting. I NEED to know if there are other mums out there who get so caught up in business sometimes they forget to feed their child lunch before they know it, please tell me its not only me, because I feel guilty as hell when its happened. I want to know if it is only me who struggles for a bedtime routine because of the constant get-up and go of being an entrepreneur with ambition and if there are mums who manage to keep a routine to an alternative lifestyle, how do they do it without nannies?

I am sure there are other women on the same page and I hope this page provides you all with some comfort, some solace and a friend. I look forward to you joining me on my quest to success as a mumpreneur!


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