10 Reasons You Need Entrepreneurial Friends

10 Reasons You Need Entrepreneurial Friends

I am in desperate need of friends. I feel so LONELY. I am searching online on different social media platforms, I am googling my interests to see who has commented, liked or written the stories. I am looking for different social events that means I may meet a new friend, even if its just one.


Tired of not being tired from late night whatsapp10  messages because we have engaging conversation. Fed up of not being able to attend events that we all find interesting and exciting. I am bored of being on my own. I need new friends. I don't need normal friends.


I need friends like me. Friends that feel hot and clammy at the thought of a 9-5 because it makes them feel claustrophobic, friends who not only want to make profit but also make a difference, friends that find marketing exciting, friends that want to work hard now and sacrifice to reap the rewards later. And most importantly, friends that will actually DO IT. 

I have realised it is hard to find people who actually do and don't just talk. It is a rarity to find people who do long-term instead of having a spout of inspiration and then allowing it to tail off. I guess I am not just looking for friends, but real life business inspiration because I am sure many of you who own, run or have tried their hand at starting a business will know it is bloody hard work! Sometimes we all need a friendly kick up the backside.

In my early start-up phase, before I had ZayZay and when he was a baby, I would go to all the events I could, enter every competition that I could relentlessly. I would meet so many great people with amazing ideas but few follow through long-term. I have one or two friends who are still pursing business. Also, having a 2 year old and new baby now limits how much I can do so I have become more isolated.

Don't get me wrong, I have AMAZING friends. Girls who support me wholeheartedly, they are so nice to my children and so thoughtful with me. I actually think I am lucky to have female friends that cause no drama! But an entrepreneur needs two type of friends: friends and entrepreneurial friends.

Entrepreneurial friends: 

  1. Truly understand the cash flow struggle and the stresses it causes
  2. Can sympathise with the pathetic mistakes you make sometimes being a start-up
  3. Don't dress things up nicely and give you the straight talk 
  4. Relate to the HR struggles and decisions involved in a start-up
  5. Can recommend books that will transform your start-up and save you countless mistakes and time. Time = Money.
  6. Understand your jargon so you don't have to water it down for friends and family
  7. Know the right things to say or suggest when your facing a problem and feel like it will never end
  8. Know that building a business is an addictive time-consuming task. Although it has its ups and downs the challenge of it is like an adrenaline rush. 
  9. Know how hard it is to give up. For us we don't like to quit or let something beat us. If we do have to let something go we overanalyse every detail to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again
  10. Provide a community of others who share, sympathise and really rally each other on
I encourage anyone starting a business to find entrepreneurial friends. They really do make the raining days brighter and understand how much the sunny days need celebrating and what it took to get there.


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